Cybersecurity | December 3, 2020

Online Security Tips for Working from Home

Are You at Risk?  

While you are working from home, it’s important to stay current with the latest online security tips. Hackers know that there is a lack of communication between employees working from home, so they will use every tactic they can to gain access to your company’s information. Here are a few online security tips you should know to stay safe. 

Stop Ignoring That Software Update 

That software update pop-up always appears right when we are in the middle of something. Often, users ignore their software updates for months. The problem with this is software updates are designed to keep your computer current with the latest safety and processing features. So next time, take a minute to update that software. Better updated than hacked!  

Defend Enemy Lines  

You can’t talk about online security tips without discussing anti-virus and firewall. Installing anti-virus software and a firewall is a cruel step in protecting your data and devices. Think of these as a filter. They are limiting the number of viruses and scams that you encounter. We all have human error so limiting the amount of spam we have to detect is key. 

Consider Password Management Tools  

Remembering multiple, intricate passwords can be difficult. If you find yourself concerned about your ability to keep track of your passwords, consider using a password management tool as part of your cybersecurity program.   

Password management tools such as LastPass can help you create, access, and manage strong passwords across several accounts and devices simultaneously. Entrusting your password protection to an outside source may be intimidating but doing so will ultimately lessen the appeal of reusing passwords and, in the long run, will enhance your protection.   

Working from Home Securely  

One of the biggest online security tips to note is staying informed. Enroll in phishing training, keep your systems running with the latest updates, and know how to protect your devices from bad actors. Everything stems from putting in the time and research on how to stay safe online, whether you are working back in the office or from your living room. 

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