No Passwords? The Future of Password Protection

Cybersecurity | March 14, 2019

Are you worried about your login credentials getting compromised? Well, there’s a new Web Authentication API in town, and it’s changing the game. Can you imagine a secure way to login to sites without using a password? After approval from the World Wide Web Consortium, this idea has become a reality. The launch of WebAuthn has taken password protection to the next level. 

The 411 on WebAuthn  

WebAuthn along with FIDO2 work together to develop a shared solution for password protection. With WebAuthn, users can log in to their accounts online using their preferred device without a password. This browser/platform is available for use on Windows 10, Firefox, Google Chrome, Mozilla, Android, Microsoft Edge, and more. 

FIDO2 Security 

As mentioned above, FIDO2 is another amazing security tool that supports password protection. The use of FIDO2 security with the WebAuthn platform is elementary. The FIDO2 cryptographic login credentials are always unique across every website.  

The Benefits of FIDO2

The user biometrics and passwords don’t leave the user’s device, and FIDO2 does not store that information on a server. The cryptographic keys used in FIDO2 can’t be tracked because of their unique structure for every internet site. Unlike WebAuthn, logging in to accounts using FIDO2 can be completed via fingerprint readers, cameras, or with FIDO security keys. This tool helps prevent phishing attacks, password theft, and replay attacks. 

Understanding Password Protection 

The tech world is always working on new ways to protect users from cyber-attacks. It’s important to stay up-to-date on the latest methods of cybercrime and cybersecurity. Password protection has become a large area of focus in the tech community and is constantly changing.  

The EMPIST Effect   

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