What Is a Virtual CIO (vCIO)?

Invest in your company’s technological future

A Virtual CIO (Chief Information Officer) is a consultant or business who fulfills the role of a conventional CIO. What does a Virtual CIO do? At EMPIST, our vCIO services can provide you with helpful IT solutions, including the development of a strategic technology roadmap, the analysis & maintenance of your IT infrastructure, vendor management, and much more.

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What to Expect with a Virtual CIO (vCIO)

You will receive a dedicated Strategic Account Manager that can fill this role and will meet with you consistently to drive your technology advancement. A vCIO is ideal for businesses that can't afford to hire a full-time employee to fill this executive position.

The Benefits & Features of a Virtual CIO

  • Helps Manage Technological<br> Administration

    Helps Manage Technological

  • Provides Cybersecurity<br> Support

    Provides Cybersecurity

  • Implements Strategic Priorities &<br> Initiatives

    Implements Strategic Priorities &

  • Supports Vendor<br> Relationships

    Supports Vendor

  • Evaluates Your Technology Utilization<br> & Helps Drive Adoption

    Evaluates Your Technology Utilization
    & Helps Drive Adoption

  • Guides Operational<br> Improvements

    Guides Operational

  • Presents Data on Regulatory<br> Compliance Matters

    Presents Data on Regulatory
    Compliance Matters

Why Choose EMPIST’s Virtual CIO Services?

Working with a vCIO gives you a competitive edge, especially as a small to medium-sized business. As a Managed Service Provider (MSP) for two decades, EMPIST has the technical expertise to guide your business's IT infrastructure to success while helping to cut internal costs with our virtualized model.

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