What are New Computer Setup Services?

An affordable, streamlined process for configuring devices.

New Computer Setup refers to the process of customizing an operating system (OS) to match the needs of your organization, storing that customized OS, and then copying it to other computers when needed. This copy of the operating system can contain elements like line of business (LOB) applications, device settings, drivers, and more.

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Key Benefits & Features of New Computer Setup Services



Manually configuring a new device can take hours of manpower. With New Computer Setup Services, device configuration becomes an automated process that takes only a fraction of the time.


  • New Devices Are Configured Out of the Box
  • No More Manual Configuration
  • Reduce Busywork Among IT Staff



New Computer Setup Services don’t just save time; they also ensure accuracy and standardization among devices. Eliminate human error and get your devices configured properly the first time.


  • Remove Human Error
  • Devices Are Configured Properly the First Time
  • No More Inconsistencies Among Devices



Due to its fast, automated nature, New Computer Setup Services are far more cost-effective than paying someone to configure your devices manually.


  • No More Paying for Manual Configuration
  • Pay for Minutes of Work, Not Hours
  • Free Up Time for Other IT Projects

Why EMPIST’s New Computer Setup Services?

Whether you need help configuring 20 devices or 2,000, EMPIST’s New Computer Setup Services are guaranteed to save you a great deal of time and money. Our team of experts is here to help you get your devices configured quickly, affordably and accurately.

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