Enterprise Security Awareness Training

What is Enterprise Security Awareness Training?

Your employees are your last line of defense in the event of a cyber-attack. That is why security awareness training is such a valuable service to invest in for your business. One wrong email click can open your entire network to security vulnerabilities that could potentially take down your organization. EMPIST uses the best industry-leading platform to enroll your employees in an up-to-date and cyclical security training program.

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A modest investment in security awareness and training has a 72% chance of significantly reducing the business impact of a cyberattack.

The Benefits & Features of Enterprise Security Awareness Training

Increased Security Awareness

Decreased Risk of Cyber-attacks

Baselined Phishing Tests to Tailor Your Training

Annual Training Courses to Stay Current

Simulated Phishing Tests Throughout Training

Why EMPIST’s Enterprise Security Awareness Training

At EMPIST, we survey our clients to determine key topics of concern for their organization. This process helps us choose the frequency of your organization’s training, and then we launch the baseline phishing test to gather a report on your company’s vulnerabilities. Partnering with the advanced KnowBe4 platform, EMPIST users will get tested regularly, be assigned recurring training based on reporting, use the KnowBe4 portal to create an account, and easily keep track of their progress.

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