Is Your Retirement Account Safe from Hackers?

Cybersecurity | February 7, 2020

Set It and Forget It? Maybe Not.  

We all know that bank accounts are prime targets for hackers, but retirement accounts may not be far behind. Unlike your bank account, a retirement account is typically not monitored as close or even checked on by you as regularly as a banking account. Of course, a retirement account’s value is still extremely high, making it the ideal target for hackers. 

Don’t Be a Sitting Duck  

There are several proactive things you can do to ensure your retirement account information is secure. Let’s go over some pointers on how you can be proactive with your account’s cybersecurity. 

5 Tips to Help Keep Your Retirement Account Safe 

1) Never share your account passwords. If sharing your password with someone is necessary, they need to have authorized access to your account.  

2) Use a strong, unique password on your retirement account login and utilize Two-Factor Authentication (2FA). So, if your password is compromised, the hacker will still not be able to access your account.  

3) Sign up for security alerts via email or through your mobile device. That way, if there is unusual activity on your retirement account, you will know right away.  

4) Never log into your account from public WIFI or on a public computer. Your login information could easily be compromised by hackers when using a public network.  

5) Be aware of spam emails asking you to log into your account. Always confirm with your provider through another form of communication before clicking on any email links regarding your account.   

Better Safe than Sorry  

Most companies will have protective measures in place to keep your retirement account safe. However, it’s always beneficial to check in and know what is being done to safeguard your account.  

There are plenty of ways that hackers can target you for your information without interacting with the company you are using for your retirement fund. That’s why educating yourself on basic cybersecurity etiquette is so valuable. 

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