Is My Information on the Dark Web?

IT Services | February 26, 2021

Is My Information on the Dark Web? 

With hackers striking every minute of the day, you may ask yourself, is my information on the Dark Web? We’ve compiled a list of warning signs that you should refer to inquire if your personal information may be on the Dark Web. Let’s get started! 


  • Visited websites that were not secure.  
  • Are getting more spam emails and phone calls than usual.  
  • Have received phone verification codes when you were not trying to log into an account.  
  • Have not changed your account passwords for an extended period of time.  
  • Use the same password for multiple accounts.  
  • Have accounts/passwords that you share with other users and or coworkers.  
  • Are using a common and simple password for your accounts. 

Staying Safe Online 

We do not want you to panic reading the list above. You could check most of those boxes and still not have any information posted on the Dark Web. What we would like you to do with this information is use it as a guide to help protect yourself from hackers. If you are worried that your information is on the Dark Web, we recommend contacting an IT professional and getting a Dark Web scan. 

What Is a Dark Web Scan?

A Dark Web scan is used to search for your compromised information on the Dark Web. This could be anything from company credit card numbers to the password for your work email. Nearly 4,000 data breaches were reported in the first half of 2019, exposing more than 4 billion compromised records. This is why you need to stay one step ahead of potential cyber threats.


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