How to Use the Facebook Ads Library to See What Ads Your Competitors Are Running


Years ago, simply setting up an advertisement on Facebook and spending a few dollars to promote it was enough to bring more eyes and attention to your brand’s page and maybe even drive some sales. But with more people and brands vying for the eyes and disposable income of active Facebook users every day, putting out a simple ad isn’t enough to see significant results in 2020. 

To make your Facebook ads successful, one of the best tactics is to conduct research about the kind of advertising other brands are doing and see what you can copy from them. 

In an effort to make the platform more transparent and make it easier for advertisers to be successful, Facebook makes a lot of data about its advertising public. You can use the built-in features within Facebook to inform yourself and create better, more effective ads. Using the research you compile, you can also determine how much you need to spend on these ads to be competitive. 

Using the Facebook Ads Library to Conduct Research

The Facebook Ads Library is a valuable research tool you can use to find out how to make your ads competitive and help them stand out. The tool is free to use and made to be easy for users of all skill levels to use and interpret. You do not need to login to the platform or even have a Facebook account to examine the data that exists about current ads on the platform, what they say, and how much money is being spent to promote them. 

The information contained in this tool covers Facebook and other products owned by the company, including Instagram accounts and posts. You can search for ads by the advertiser’s name, the topic, or organization the ad pertains to or the geographic location where ads are currently being run. 

Another way to examine the data is through the Ad Library report that Facebook provides. This report collects the data in easy to digest ways that make it simpler to gain insights about what is trending on the platform and how advertisers are targeting these trends. The ads are broken down by amount spent, top advertisers, and popular topics. If you’re looking for a general view of what’s happening on Facebook and who the major players are, this can be a great place to get that information. 

With the information you gather from the Facebook Ads Library, your ads can become more effective and lead to increased conversions. Effective Facebook ads are a great way to reach a large section of people and gather more followers for your brand. 

So now that you know how to use the Facebook Ads Library to see what ads your competitors are running, take a look, and then make yours better!

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