How to Get Verified on Instagram

Digital Agency | April 21, 2020

How to Get Verified on Instagram

Getting a verification badge on Instagram is a simple process that lends legitimacy to your account and distinguishes it as the only official voice of your brand. If you’ve experienced trouble with people pretending to be your brand online in the past, hackers taking away from your communications with your clients, or trolls spreading misinformation about your company, verifying your accounts is an easy way to solve these issues. 

Having a verified account also makes it easier for people to find your account, and less likely they’ll end up following a competitor or copycat site. Once you’ve completed the process, and Instagram has verified your identity, you’ll get a blue check next to the account name to indicate that the account is verified and authentic. These are some of the basics on how to get verified on Instagram.

What are the Requirements for Instagram Verification?

Before you start trying to get your Instagram account verified, make sure it meets the requirements set by the platform. Instagram only verifies the public social media accounts of public figures, major brands, and celebrities who are likely to be impersonated. Athletes, politicians, movie stars, and business figures can all fall under these parameters and end up getting the verification check. 

This means that if you’re new to the market, just launching your brand’s online presence and aren’t globally well known yet, you may not be able to get Instagram to verify it. Accounts that post memes, clips of entertainment, or fan pages for celebrities are good examples of the kinds of pages that may have thousands or millions of followers but still be unable to get verified. 

How Do You Request Verification on Instagram?

Once you’re sure that your account meets the requirements to get verified, log into your Instagram account, go to your profile, and tap the menu icon. Select Settings, then Account, then Request Verification to begin the process. The system will ask you to input your full name and a form of government-issued identification to prove you are who you say. 

Once the process is complete and you submit this information, all that is left is to wait for Instagram to do their part. You’ll receive a notification once the request is reviewed letting you know that the verification is approved or denied. If the request is denied, you can re-apply for verification again after 30 days. 

Knowing how to get verified on Instagram can help you increase your brand’s reputation and expand your social media reach while giving you credibility. If you’re looking to get expert help on more ways to make your brand’s online presence stand out on Instagram and other social platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn, contact EMPIST today. Our team can help you create an online brand personality that resonates with customers. 

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