How to Create the Perfect YouTube Channel

Digital Agency | February 20, 2020

So, you have finally decided to have a YouTube channel for your brand or business. Now the next question is how to create the perfect YouTube channel. 

First, the steps to creating a channel on YouTube are fairly simple, and the site does a great job of walking you through how to set up the channel. With that being said, the most important thing to know is that once you have created the channel, you must get viewers, so here are some tips to help create the perfect YouTube channel; one that will help you get and keep followers.

Brand Design

The most critical factor in deciding the overall theme of the videos on your channel; how you want your channel to be known. Because YouTube already has massive amounts of videos uploaded, and hundreds upon hundreds more that are uploaded every day, your videos must have a distinct quality, something that will make them stand out from the other videos.

You’ll want to be known as someone who posts edge-of-the-seat, amazing, and informative videos instead of the common, cutesy videos. The name for your channel must incorporate the type of videos your viewers should expect from you. It’s also a bonus to have a logo that will attract people as well as keep their attention, so choose your content wisely.

Be Professional and Cover/Do Live Performances

It’s important to keep in mind that although YouTube may be a place to post home videos, it’s also a place for professional use and there will be many people who can learn from what you are offering.  

For instance, if you have a degree in mathematics, you probably think that most people block the subject from their mind, but you may have the solution to make mathematics interesting or easier to learn. 

Whenever possible, consider either covering live performances or doing your own live performances. Videos with live performances seem to attract the most viewers, and followers will continue to come back if the “performances” continually change.

Tags and Description

If you want to truly know how to create the perfect Youtube channel, you need to use tags. The tags are used to categorize your videos and allow them to appear on YouTube searches easier. So, it’s important to make sure the tags are relevant to the videos – do not simply use popular tags that are trending on YouTube. For instance, if your video is about how to make muffins from scratch, use a specific tag, such as making homemade muffins from scratch, and then follow it with generic tags, such as muffins, homemade, breakfast, or other related tags.

Also, don’t forget to complete the necessary information in the description box. The description is the place where you can state anything about the specific video, and it will allow viewers to have more information about the video before they play it.

Make sure your videos are an appropriate length-they shouldn’t be too long or too short. For instance, make the video long enough to provide all relevant information, but not too long that people lose interest. It’s been shown that people viewing or reading things on the web have a short attention span, so if you make the video too long, they will get bored and move on. 

So, provide information in an appropriate time frame, without going into excessive detail or leaving out an important detail. It’s equally important to ensure your videos are of high quality. If the production value is low, your viewers will quickly move on to the next channel. Invest in a video camera that captures in HD, and if your channel relies on graphics, use an editing program designed for graphics.

How to create the perfect Youtube channel should now be a given if you follow the above steps. Good luck!

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