How to Create a Killer Instagram Bio

So You Want to Know How to Create a Killer Instagram Bio, Huh?

The impact of a killer Instagram bio can’t be overstated. It’s a 150 character chance to tell the world who you are, what you do, and what makes you stand out the first time they encounter you. But with the reduced amount of space you get to make your statement about who you are, and the shortened attention span of most people on social media, it can be tough to decide exactly what to say and how to phrase it. 

This is especially true for corporate accounts who want to engage with fans and potential clients in a fun but also professional way. Capturing the right way to present yourself is a tough task that may take brands a while to get right. 

Here are some tips for how to write up the perfect Instagram bio that will make followers want to engage with you as soon as they read it:

Start with the Basic Information

If you want to truly know how to create a killer Instagram bio, try starting by getting to the key points of your offerings or personality, as these are most likely to differentiate you from others. Begin with who you are, what you do, or what you most want people to know about you. This is a good place to try and incorporate some keywords that will appeal to those familiar with your business or brand, including tags related to the products or services you offer. Using these words will also help new visitors to your profile get a good grasp on who you are and what you’re offering, and might compel them to follow you. 

Offer a Way to Find Out More

Followers who are just getting to know you may want to find out more. Make this easy by offering a website they can visit or a way they can get in contact to ask specific questions. Engage with any comments or questions that ask for more information by giving succinct answers and a way to get in contact if the person needs more assistance. Being responsive to customer feedback and inquiries will help you grow a reputation as a brand that cares about its customers. 

Drive Traffic to Your Site is a service on Instagram that gives you the option to add additional URLs to your bio. With, you can optimize your bio with a secondary link to direct traffic to more than one place. In addition to this, also provides you with other ways to drive traffic to your website by tagging products or links on individual posts in your Instagram feed. These are just some of the exciting things this platform can do to enhance your user experience.

Take Inspiration from Successful Accounts

The bios of existing brands or influencers in your space can be a great jumping-off point for your writing. Look at what makes the bio funny, interesting, or compelling. Imitate these qualities in your bio to help it reach out to new followers. 

With the right Instagram bio, you can start to see your following growing organically and the people who follow you becoming more engaged with your content. Don’t be afraid to experiment until you find the perfect bio to explain exactly who you are to the world. Below we’ve highlighted a few examples of accounts that really knew how to create a killer Instagram bio. 

The skincare account Drunk Elephant is a great example of how you can add some personality to your bio with minimal content.

Crate & Barrel uses its bio to simply state what its brand is all about, including a custom hashtag and the promotion of its other profile.

Lastly, Caribou Coffee’s bio highlights what sets them apart from their competition and has a fun branded hashtag.


Who was your favorite? If you follow the above steps, you’ll know how to create a killer Instagram bio in no time. 

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