How to Create a Healthy Company Culture

Empist | February 4, 2019

Over the years, company culture has gotten more attention. The fact is work shouldn’t be miserable. More and more companies are reevaluating their internal practices to compete with the new wave of the modern workplace. Simply put, happy employees = productivity.  


Good company culture all starts with recruitment! Your interview process is what evaluates if the person is the right fit for the job, the team, and company. It’s important to investigate all those areas when you are bringing on a new staff member. Bringing on an employee that doesn’t share the vision and values of your company can cause chaos in the workplace.   

Establish Loyalty  

Why should your employees feel loyal to your company and brand? If you can’t answer that question, your problem is simple. It’s natural for humans to work toward a goal. If the work they are doing for your company gets them nowhere, they will stop.   

Team Collaboration  

When you work together as a team or include employees in big picture conversations, it makes them feel listened to and valued. Your company culture can go south when you overlook how your decisions impact your staff. Collaboration also encourages teamwork and a unified sense of ownership.  

Give Work Meaning  

Who wants to work on something viewed as pointless? No one. It’s understandable that most goals within the workplace won’t be exciting. That’s okay. What you need to remember is to highlight the value of the work people are doing individually and as a group. Doing this brings purpose to the work people are completing, thus nurturing your company culture.   

Employee Wellness  

Showing that you value your employee’s health shows that you VALUE THEM. This is one of the golden rules of company culture. Here’s a list of questions you can use to evaluate employee wellness in your office.  

  • Do you provide employees with health benefits?  
  • Does your company offer paid vacation?  
  • Do you “sick shame” your employees when they call in to work under the weather?  
  • How would your employees rate their work-life balance?  

Now, there are those employees that take advantage of the system but, overall these are good questions to ask to improve health and wellness practices in the workplace.  

Opportunities to Bond as a Team  

Planning work events and fun get-togethers after working hours is a great way to invest in your company culture. I think we all can agree that it is easier to work with people that you like. Encouraging bonding and that “work family” mentality is one way to help your employees relate to one another.   

At a Glance 

Every company is different, but there are core values that remain vital in every workplace. Making a conscious effort to better your company culture will not go unnoticed. The easiest way to increase morale is by listening and asking your employees for feedback.  

The EMPIST Effect 

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