Digital Agency | June 9, 2020

How Does the Google Search Algorithm Work?

Just Google It  

Google is an amazing tool that has transformed the business world and the internet. It’s hard to remember a time before your inquiry wasn’t followed by a Google Search. But have you ever asked yourself, “How does the Google Search algorithm work?” Let’s go over all the key factors involved in the Google Search process for the algorithm to favor your content. 

 How Does the Google Search Algorithm Work? 

What’s Your Query? 

When you are crafting content for your webpage, you need to think about what your prospective customer base would be typing into the search bar that would lead them to your webpage. Ask yourself the following questions:    

1) What questions would my customers be asking?  

2) What is the most common phrasing they would use to search for this information?  

3) What search terms are other businesses using in my field?  

To find the best search query option, use an SEO tool to help determine your competition, organic ranking, and ad budget. 

Webpage Relevance  

How does the Google Search algorithm work with the relevance of your webpage? The relevance of your webpage is the next thing to consider to rank well on Google. You must make sure your content has quantifiable signals that assist Google’s algorithm.  

What does this mean?  

For example, there are going to be lots of pages on Google that rank for something like “cats”. To cut through the noise, you must structure your content to be more specific and helpful to Google. Adding in photos of cats, content regarding breeds of cats, videos, and more will up the relevance of your webpage’s content, and thus make it more favorable to Google’s algorithm. 

Content Quality  

Are you legit? To rank well on Google, your credibility goes a long way. Do the research and make sure you are linking back to quality sources, and there is, of course, no plagiarism involved. When Google sees that you are linking back to pages that several other accounts have linked to, they will “endorse” your content’s credibility. This is known as your PageRank. 

Is Your Page User-Friendly?  

How does the Google Search algorithm work when it comes to the usability of your webpage? There are a few things that Google considers in this area.    

> Webpage Loading Speed  

> Desktop & Mobile-Friendly Design 

> Your Webpage Works on All Browsers 

> Clear & Concise Webpage Layout 

Location & Settings  

There is one last thing that Google’s algorithm considers when someone is searching for something online. Your location and your search & history settings. For example, if you live in Brooklyn, and search for “coffee,” Google will favor coffee shops and stores in your area first. In addition to that, if you have been looking up cold brew coffee recipes online, Google might take your search history into account when you type coffee into your search bar. Perhaps, showing you coffee shops in Brooklyn with cold brew coffee on their menu. 

It’s a Search Party  

We hope this blog helped answer the question: How does the Google Search algorithm work? With your newfound knowledge of Google’s algorithm, you can craft your webpage to stand out among your competitors. Happy ranking! 


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