Cybersecurity | February 21, 2019

Google Just Launched an Alert Tool That Detects Compromised Credentials

With the large amounts of data breaches happening today, Google decided to step up to the plate. Earlier this month, Google launched a free service called Password Checkup. This Chrome browser extension was developed to limit/prevent the spread of compromised credentials.  

How Does it Work?  

The new service was launched by Google on February 5th. The goal of the browser extension is to automatically compare your site login credentials to an encrypted database. This database contains over 4 billion compromised credentials 

Your Login Credentials Popped Up. Now What?  

If your credentials show up on the list, Google will prompt you to change your login information. It’s as simple as that! Does this browser extension sketch you out? Don’t worry. Google cannot see your login credentials. The company has a privacy-oriented implementation that instantly encrypts your login information and keeps it anonymous.  

Better Safe Than Sorry  

There is a reason, tech giants like Google are coming out with services like Password Checkup. The world of technology is growing, and the tools hackers use are growing right along with it. If you want a proactive way to prevent your login credentials from being compromised, Google’s free browser extension is worth checking out.  

The EMPIST Effect 

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