EMPIST’S Free Network Assessment

What is a network assessment?

A network assessment is a comprehensive report and examination of your company’s IT framework, management, security, and overall functionality. EMPIST’s free network assessment identifies opportunities for growth and gives detailed insights into the current status of your network.

Why does my business need it?

Remember, your company’s network is the gateway to your information. If the wrong person gains access to your network, the consequences could be fatal to your business. Sure, you may understand the basics associated with network care, but without a thorough analysis of your network vulnerabilities and components, you can’t see what you’re up against.

One of EMPIST’s engineers will come on-site to perform your free network assessment. All we ask for is your time to talk over the report with us.

Key Benefits & Features of a Network Assessment

Network Performance

Find out what’s happening on the inside. Analyzing your network’s performance indicates where the weak links/problem areas are in your infrastructure. Uncovering these flaws can greatly improve your network’s capabilities and user experience.


  • Seeks out network issues
  • Identifies user errors
  • Improves network functionality

Network Security

Keep your network on lockdown. During an assessment, all the devices in your network are scanned for vulnerabilities, atypical data, and anything else that could be considered a security risk.


  • Evaluates whether all spyware/antivirus software is properly installed
  • Measures your network’s risk
  • Scans for potential security threats

Analysis & Reporting

Always stay informed. Our network assessment has a small footprint, so it can be run during work hours without any disruptions to your workflow. Receive extensive reports & monitoring of the network configurations/servers you are operating on. This can include those housed in multiple locations.


  • Provides detailed network reports and an in-person recap
  • Utilizes professional assessment tools
  • Closely monitors the layout of your network

Why Choose EMPIST’s Network Assessment?

Avoid the added stress of network complications. With nearly a quarter century of experience providing IT solutions to businesses, we know what it takes to keep your network running efficiently. EMPIST’s free network assessment is done using only the finest, most reliable IT assessment tools. We stay up-to-date with the latest industry standards to ensure your systems are operating safely. Our assessment tool is easy to put in motion while it gathers piles of your network data and saves it to an encrypted file.

As it scans your system, the network assessment will detect issues, measure your risk, suggest fixes, and track your progress. After the scan is complete, you can go about your business as usual without any traces of the scan’s activity or application conflicts.


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