Cybersecurity | November 5, 2021

5 Signs You Need MDR

Antivirus isn’t going to cut it, folks! Is MDR the solution for you? 

Cybersecurity software and tools are great – but a comprehensive cybersecurity program they do not make. If you’re looking for protection that goes above and beyond the bare minimum, then Managed Detection & Response might just be the answer.  

The only question is – how can you know for sure? 

Here are five tell-tale signs that you need MDR.  

Your Current Coverage Clocks Out

Hackers don’t wait for business hours to strike. To stay safe, your data requires 24/7/365 security. 

While some software comes complete with constant monitoring services, observation alone isn’t enough to protect your business in the event of a data breach. Security best practices suggest that it’s actually crucial to respond as soon as the first signs of cyber-attack are detected – not at 9 am when you arrive at the office.  

An MDR program ensures not only that your systems are under constant watch for an attack, but also that your business is ready to respond the minute that attack is recognized rather than hours later. This real-time incident response mitigates risk and loss in the event that a breach occurs, regardless of when it happens. 

You Spend Too Much Time Reacting 

Just because your security system doesn’t detect threats doesn’t mean that they aren’t out there.  

The vast majority of software-led cybersecurity services focus on reacting to the threat of cybercrime rather than attacking them head-on. MDR, on the other hand, places a unique emphasis on active threat hunting so that your business isn’t caught off-guard.  

This proactive approach to data protection also includes behavior analytics, event log management, and vulnerability management for an aggressive approach to cybercrime. 

You Want to See the Big Picture

Security tools like EDR, antivirus software, and SIEM technology are great, but without a comprehensive program to back them up, are you confident that they are working in tandem? 

More so than other security systems, MDR understands the importance of managing protection. An end-to-end service, with MDR your business gets the best technology the cybersecurity world has to offer as well as a team with the knowledge to guide them right from the jump.  

As such, with MDR in place you can rest assured that all of your business’s protective protocols are built to complement and assist one another, tightening your digital security net.  

You Deal with Particularly Sensitive Information  

Hypersensitive information calls for a hypersensitive cybersecurity program. 

If your business regularly deals with particularly private details, the advanced nature of MDR is absolutely recommended. By taking a person-led, offensive approach to protection, Managed Detection & Response can significantly decrease your chances of staving off successful data breaches. 

You Can’t Do IT Alone 

Cybersecurity is a complicated, complex field. Sometimes you need an expert’s help! 

MDR solutions provide exhaustive protection to businesses who lack the knowledge and experience IT professionals like team EMPIST have in bulk. With an EMPIST MDR team by your side, you can be certain that you have the best and the brightest keeping your info safe.  

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