Digital Agency | June 12, 2019

Facebook Business Page Tips and Tricks

Think the golden age of Facebook advertising is on the decline?  

Think again. With over 2.3 billion monthly active users, truth is, you probably still aren’t using Facebook’s marketing tools to their fullest potential. And while we’re willing to bet that your business already has some kind of profile on the site, there’s a good chance you could be doing so much more to tap into the social giant’s massive audience.  

Read on to discover our best Facebook business page tips for set-up, posting, and keeping your social strategy on the up-and-up.  

Getting Started 

First things first: your page needs work.  

While Facebook’s user-friendly interface makes personal profile set-up a breeze, as a business owner you should really be using the social network’s tailor-made platform, Facebook business, to build out your presence online. 

Once you’ve got the basics in place – company name, website, address, etc. – other must-haves for your page include: 

  • Claiming a vanity URL, rather than a randomly assigned series, for domain tracking. 
  • Adding an instantly recognizable profile picture and cover photo. 
  • Optimizing your “About” section with a short description of brand-specific keywords. 
  • Responding to messages with speed and accuracy. 
  • Creating call-to-action buttons and custom tabs to link users to your main site.  

Getting Seen 

Now that your business page is ready to go, it’s time to get visible. Here are a few Facebook posting tips to get your business seen and, more importantly, engaged.  

Video Above All Else 

Among those Facebook posts that boost engagement, videos are the most successful, full stop. Gaining at least 59% more engagement from users on average, videos are far more likely to be liked, shared, and commented on than any other type of post.  

Post with a Point 

Facebook business posts that come with a message always perform better.  

From inspirational stories to practical life hacks – or even political commentary, depending on the brand – filling your social calendar with purposeful posts will increase activity and put your business at the center of the conversation. Facebook’s algorithm places greater importance on shares and comments, so taking the time to craft better posts will always beat out an over-active feed.  

Humanize Your Feed 

Customers don’t want to interact with a nameless, faceless brand. Posting content that showcases your business’s unique voice –or even your employees themselves – will help your social audience relate to your business and, as a result, engage with your page more seriously. Facebook was built to build connections between users; allow its design to work for you by sharing personal stories, opinions, and live updates.  

Responsive Posting Works 

It’s not just about the post itself, anymore.  

One of the best ways to improve engagement on your Facebook business page is to actually interact with your audience on each post. Whether that entails responding to comments or posting updates over time, keeping your Facebook engagement up requires you to be just as involved in your posts as your potential customers are.  

Getting Serious 

Who says Facebook marketing is dead?  

With a properly optimized page and a series of visually interesting, relevant, and relatable posts that boost engagement in your queue, accessing the audience power of the world’s largest social media hub is as easy as following these Facebook business page tips.