Explaining Safari’s New SSL Validation Process

Business | September 11, 2020

Safari’s SSL Certificate Validity Update 

On September 1st, Safari rolled out a new time limit for SSL validation. Safari will now only trust SSL/TLS certificates with a validity span of 398 days. This time frame is equivalent to a year with extra days added on to qualify as a grace period for you to renew your SSL validation. 

What is SSL/TLS Validation?  

When a computer connects to a website there is an exchange that happens between your computer’s web browser and the web service it is being hosted on. Your SSL validation certificate does two things for your website. It grants permissions for encrypted communication through the Public Key Infrastructure and it also authenticates the integrity of your certificate’s holder. 

Is This a Good Thing? 

There were predictions of this certification process being bumped up to a year, so this is something that was anticipated. The nice thing about this change is when security improvements are made, they will update quicker, thus making websites more secure. 

Final Takeaways  

Since Safari is the second most used web browser online, you will want to keep track of your SSL validation expiring. If you let your certificate roll past the new expiration date, it could significantly impact your online business and website traffic.  

However, if your SSL validation certificate was submitted before September 1st, 2020, you will be held to the old certificate expiration time frame of 825 days. Once that certificate expires, you will need to follow the new 398-day requirement on Safari. 


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