EMPIST Tech Talk Weekly Newsletter: Monday, March 9, 2020

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It’s that time again! Time for the EMPIST Tech Newsletter. Let’s go over what’s new in tech, digital marketing, and much more.  

The EMPIST Tech Newsletter Update 

Visser is a parts manufacturer for big-name companies like SpaceX and Tesla. Unfortunately, the company recently announced the confirmation of a data breach. Visser came out with a statement that they were, “the recent target of a criminal cybersecurity incident, including access to or theft of data.” Though it hasn’t been confirmed the exact cause of the breach, sources are speculating that it was a ransomware attack. Read the full story >> 


The HIPAA Compliance Checklist  

What Is HIPAA Compliance?   

Before we dive into the HIPAA compliance checklist, let’s make sure we cover our bases with a clear definition of what HIPAA compliance is. HIPAA compliance is a US law set in place to safeguard patient healthcare information. Technology plays a major role in HIPAA compliance, as hardware and software are used to keep all the digital patient data secure. Read the blog >>  

The EMPIST Tech Newsletter Tip 

From the EMPIST Help Desk 

Want an easy way to lock your computer when you are getting up from your desk at work? Clicking Windows + L will lock your computer right away. On a macOS, use the following keys: Cmd + Option + Power. The latest version of Sierra locks your system by entering Cmd + Ctrl + Q. 

 The EMPIST Tech Newsletter Trivia 

Question: The first known human artifact to achieve sub-orbital spaceflight was known as what 

The EMPIST Tech Newsletter Marketing Spotlight 

Are you a fan of grocery delivery services? Walmart has announced the rebranding of its unlimited grocery delivery program. To distinguish themselves from Amazon, Walmart will be launching Walmart+, a new membership program. Sources say Walmart+ members could even receive perks on fuel, prescriptions, mobile checkout features, and more.  Read the full story >>  

Coffee with Kampas  

Episode 20: What Is Customer Experience?  

On this episode of Coffee with Kampas, EMPIST’s Founder & CEO John Kampas will be discussing the value of customer experience and what you can do to improve it for your business. A well-executed customer experience strategy will maximize your customer lifetime value and improve customer satisfaction, so having a good grasp of it is essential. Watch now >> 

Trivia Answer: The V-2 Rocket  

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