News | June 29, 2020

EMPIST Tech Talk Weekly Newsletter: Monday, June 29, 2020

The Weekly Tech Talk  

The EMPIST Tech Talk Newsletter 

It’s time for the Weekly Tech Talk Newsletter! Get the latest updates on technology, digital marketing, trivia, and more. Let’s get started!  

The Weekly Tech Talk Update 

A New York startup known as Tatch is on a mission to design wearable technology to diagnose sleeping disorders. Recently the startup just closed $4.25M round of seed funding. Unlike Apple’s latest sleep tracking device, this product focuses on diagnosing disorders, such as sleep apnea. Read the full story >>

The Weekly Tech Talk Blog  

The Secrets Behind Every Successful Email Campaign 

With all the flashy, new marketing channels & opportunities available, it can be easy to overlook one of the oldest yet most successful channels – email. Email marketing on average produces $44 for every $1 spent according to Campaign Monitor, making it one of the most effective options available. We’ve outlined some tips for creating successful email campaigns and included the secrets that the pros don’t want you to know. Read the blog >>

The Weekly Tech Talk Tip 

From the EMPIST Help Desk 

Backup Your Data on the Regular: Despite your best efforts, security breaches can still happen. So, in addition to strengthening your password protection, might we suggest taking the time to backup your data as well? Building a system that regularly – and securely – backs your information up will guarantee that, if your defenses fail, your data can still be accessed.   

EMPIST’s Tech Talk Trivia

Question: What is the country with the largest online population percentage 

The Weekly Tech Talk Marketing Spotlight 

The commercials of the future are here! Hulu is launching a way for viewers to respond directly to their ads on the streaming service. The technology known as GatewayGo allows advertisers to use QR codes and push notifications to prompt viewers on their mobile devices. Read the full story >> 

Trivia Answer: Iceland  

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