EMPIST Tech Talk Weekly Newsletter: Monday, July 15, 2019

News | July 15, 2019

EMPIST Tech Talk Weekly Newsletter

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This Week’s Top Tech News

With the use of cryptocurrency on the rise, funding for crypto cybersecurity is a natural next step. Visa & Andreessen Horowitz invested in Facebook’s Libra Association member Anchorage. Using both human review and AI technology, Anchorage is the ultimate password protection tool for cryptocurrency accounts. Read the full story >> 


Esxcli Commands Every IT Pro Knows

Are you looking to become an IT expert? Learning these must-know esxcli commands is a great way to break your way into the tech world. Before we dive into esxcli commands, let’s go over what esxcli is and what it is typically used for.  

What is Esxcli?   

It’s time to get technical. Now, esxcli is a newer command-line interface (CLI) for vSphere. As a CLI, it interacts with computer programs by using lines of text. Therefore, it’s referred to as a ‘command line.’ Read the blog >> 

Tech Tip of the Week

From the EMPIST Help Desk 

How to block the use of your web camera on Google Chrome. Go to the upper-right dotted menu on Chrome > Settings > Advanced > Site Settings > Camera > Ask before accessing > Default > Ask before accessing.  

Technically Joking 

Hardwired for puns? Check out this week’s tech joke!  

Why do they call it hypertext?  

Answer: Too much JAVA. 

What’s Happening in Digital Marketing? 

Nike was said to be the brand winner after the 2019 Women’s World Cup, according to data from Marketing Week. There inspiring ‘Dream Further’ campaign ranked high in emotional engagement with a score of 4.6. Other top performers included Twitter, Budweiser, and Lucozade. Read the full story >> 

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