News | January 13, 2020

EMPIST Tech Talk Weekly Newsletter: Monday, January 13, 2020

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Tech Talk Weekly News  

Is it that time already? Our Tech Talk weekly news is here with the latest trends, trivia, marketing updates, and more. Here we go! 

The Tech Talk Weekly News Update  

This month, a Minnesota-based hospital operator Alomere Health started reaching out to patients regarding a recent data breach. It was said that after a hacker gained access to two employee’s email accounts, they were able to work their way through the system. The breach, affecting 49,351 individuals, exposes all patient information such as their social security numbers, birthdates, medical records, and more. Read the full story >> 


10 Easy Ways to Spot a Phishing Email 

Can You Spot the Mistake?   

Hackers are getting smarter every day, but there are a few common red flags most phishing emails contain. We want to help you avoid falling victim to a phishing attack. To ensure you can spot a phishing email, we’ve highlighted ten of the most common warning signs associated with a spam email. Let’s get started! Read the blog >> 

The Tech Talk Weekly News Tip 

From the EMPIST Help Desk 

Low Speeds & Network Difficulties: Slow loading speeds and high lag times – as well as strange network patterns – can signal the existence of unwanted programs on your device. There is no harm in asking an IT professional to check things out for you! 

The Tech Talk Weekly News Trivia  

Question: What does Nintendo’s handheld gaming console NDS stand for? 

Answer: Nintendo Double Screen  

The Tech Talk Weekly News Marketing Spotlight 

Did Disney+ ruin it for everyone? Disney most definitely started a streaming war among the other popular platforms. To compete with the content Disney+ is putting out, other platforms like Netflix & Hulu must invest more money into their programming. Hence, the rise in subscription prices. Would you be willing to sit through ads for lower subscription pricing? Some Americans are saying yes!  Read the full story >>  

Coffee with Kampas  

Episode 15: Increased Risk of Cyberattacks 

In this week’s episode of Coffee with Kampas, EMPIST Founder & CEO John Kampas is discussing the risk of cyberattacks against your business. In light of the recent events between the US and Iran, the Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA) has issued an advisory for all organizations to be prepared for a potential cyber response from Iran. Is your business protected against the risk of Cyberwarfare? Watch now >> 

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