EMPIST Tech Talk Weekly Newsletter: Monday, August 26, 2019

News | August 26, 2019

EMPIST Tech Talk Weekly Newsletter

We are here to make Mondays better. It’s time for our Weekly Tech Talk Newsletter! Check out the latest tech news, tips, trivia, and more. 

This Week’s Top Tech News

Hold on to your popcorn! Recently it was announced that the movie ticket subscription service MoviePass has a security breach. This breach exposed thousands of customers’ unencrypted card numbers and other billing information. This data breach was all possible due to the use of a critical server without a protected password. Read the full story >> 


Is AI the Future of Cybersecurity? 

The Merge of AI & Cybersecurity   

Cybersecurity threats are a growing concern nowadays. Hackers are quick to evolve with the everchanging world of technology and test the limits. With the popularity of artificial intelligence (AI), it’s natural to ask the following question. Will AI play a role in new wave cybersecurity efforts?  

Cybersecurity Today   

Every time you log in to a computer or use a smartphone, you’re at risk of a cyber-attack. Working in cybersecurity, there is already some machine-learning and minimal AI technology utilized today to help protect and monitor networks. That fact is, as the technology matures, there is going to be a need for more. Read the blog >> 

Tech Tip of the Week

From the EMPIST Help Desk 

Love using emojis? You can use them on your desktop or laptop easily. On a Windows press the Windows key + . (period) and on a Mac press Cmd + Control + Spacebar. Then, an emoji panel will appear! 

Solve This  

*Cue dramatic game show music.* It’s time for some Tech Trivia! 

Question: What was the name of the 1st satellite to send live TV between the US and Europe?  

Answer: Telstar  

What’s Happening in Digital Marketing? 

To avoid their predicted downfall, Netflix is attempting to improve the user experience of its streaming platform. With the launch of the “Latest” section, users can see what content has recently come out and discover what shows/movies are coming out soon. Will this customized feature be enough for Netflix to compete with Disney+?  Read the full story >>

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