EMPIST Tech Talk Weekly Newsletter: Monday, August 10, 2020

News | August 10, 2020

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The EMPIST Tech Talk  

We’re serving up the weekly news yet again. Get the latest on technology, marketing updates, trivia, and more from EMPIST. Are you ready to get started? 

 The Weekly Tech News Update 

Microsoft’s venture capital fund has investors backing a new chip developer known as Syntiant. This chip makes semiconductors for voice recognition and speech-based applications. Syntiant started out building a new processor for machine learning, and it evolved into an always-on battery-powered chip for devices. Read the full story >>

The Weekly News Blog  

The IT Security Trends of 2020 

The 2020 IT Security Trends Forecast   

We have enough going on in 2020, don’t let your cybersecurity fall through the cracks with it. We’re here to cover some of the biggest IT security trends in 2020, so you can stay informed and prepared for whatever cyber threats come your way. Read the blog >>  

The Weekly News Tip 

From the EMPIST Help Desk  

Did you know you can share a YouTube video at a particular point? All you must do is click the Share button below the video and look for a checkbox below the link. The video will automatically display at the time you paused it at. 

The Weekly News Trivia 

Question: How many feet of tape is found on a C60 compact audio tape cassette 

The Weekly News Marketing Spotlight 

Chipotle has entered the sustainable fashion game! The popular restaurant chain has launched a small clothing line made with organic cotton that is dyed using upcycled avocado pits straight from the chain’s restaurants. Profits from this clothing line will be used to benefit companies working on improving sustainability within the fashion and farming industry. Read the full story >>

Trivia Answer: 281 feet  

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