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EMPIST Tech Talk Newsletter: Monday, November 11, 2019

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This Week’s Top Tech Newsletter Update

We have a cyber alert on our hands! Recently, thousands of network-attached storage (NAS) devices have been infected with a new strain of malware. The malware is known as QSnatch, and it was launched from the Taiwanese vendor QNAP. Germany alone has reported more than 7,000 infections as this malware strand continues to spread worldwide. Removing the malware from an infected device requires professional IT assistance for a full factory reset. Read the full story >>


Choosing the Best File Sharing Software

With the professional use of mobile devices on the rise – and more and more employees choosing to work remotely every day – your business needs file-sharing software. No ifs, ands, or buts about it.

Providing a quick, reliable, and secure way of transferring information, such software can ensure your team stays collaborative and, ultimately, competitive, in a time when constant communication means everything. Read the blog >>

The Tech Newsletter Tip of the Week

From the EMPIST Help Desk

Did you know one of the most successful tricks cybercriminals use to dupe you into one of their scams is fake “stressor events”? In these circumstances, “stressor events,” are unexpected/compromising situations that apply fear or evoke other emotions, to cause a hasty response.

Tech Newsletter Trivia

Question: What was the name of the internet search utility dubbed after the University of Minnesota’s mascot?

Answer: Gopher

The Tech Newsletter’s Weekly Digital Marketing Spotlight

‘Gift it Forward’ this year with Pepsi! This holiday season, the soft-drink brand is putting a spin on the seemingly “impersonal” gift of cash. Through the end of December, Pepsi is providing a code on several packs of their canned beverages to scan with an app for cash rewards. Here’s the catch! Rather than keeping the cash rewards, Pepsi allows you to gift them to friends, family, or their non-profit partner the United Way. By participating in Pepsi’s ‘Gift it Forward’ platform, users are entered to win an all-expenses-paid vacation to Puerto Rico. Read the full story >>

Coffee with Kampas

Episode 7: Protecting Yourself on Social Media

In this week’s episode of Coffee with Kampas, EMPIST’s CEO & Founder John Kampas is discussing the topic of social engineering. Although LinkedIn is doing a lot to keep the platform safe for its users, it’s still relatively simple to create fake profiles. This is a problem because fake profiles created by “bad actors” can be used to impersonate people in your network that you trust. Watch now >>

The Tech Newsletter’s Weekly EMPIST Updates

Association Forum: Holiday Showcase 2019

EMPIST will be exhibiting at this year’s Holiday Showcase at the Hyatt Regency Chicago on Tuesday, December 17th. We are excited to be returning to this event for another year and to get the opportunity to network with some incredible businesses and share more about what we do. To register or learn more information about the Holiday Showcase, click below. Learn more >>

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