EMPIST Tech Talk Newsletter: Monday, December 23, 2019

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The EMPIST Tech Newsletter Update  

Facebook is ready to ditch its Android operating system for one of its own. As the company continues to grow, they want more control over their hardware like Oculus & Portal. Working with Android’s operating system means that they are currently at the mercy of Google. Maybe this shift will mean fewer site crashes in the future? Read the full story >> 

The EMPIST Tech Newsletter Tip 

From the EMPIST Help Desk 

The top three tips to avoid credit card fraud:  

  1. Always keep your credit cards safe.
  2. Destroy all documentation with your card numbers on it. 
  3. Never sign blank credit card receipts.  

The EMPIST Tech Newsletter Trivia 

Question: What is a bitmap a collection of?  

Answer: Dots  

The EMPIST Tech Newsletter’s Digital Marketing Spotlight 

Can data show the growth of holiday spirit? This year Coca-Cola partnered with Ogilvy Colombia and Google for a unique holiday campaign. Leveraging search data from throughout the year, Coke was able to show that holiday spirit is breaking through even the most divided news topics. The campaign is titled “A Year to Share.” Read the full story >> 

Coffee with Kampas  

Episode 12: The Power of Privileged Access 

On the latest episode of Coffee with Kampas, EMPIST Founder & CEO John Kampas discusses the security breach that recently occurred in Colorado. If you’re unfamiliar, more than 100 dental practices were shut down in November due to a major security invasion. Tune in to find out more!  Watch now >> 

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