EMPIST Tech News Roundup: Friday, May 3, 2019

News | May 3, 2019

Top tech news of the week: Discover the up-and-coming tech news publications, Shellbot malware scares, Snapchat’s new gaming feature, and more. It’s all in this week’s tech roundup. Keep scrolling for more tech news! 

Sophie Schmidt Will Launch a New Tech Publication with an International Focus 

Buzzfeed News | Weds May 1, 2019 — Sophie Schmidt is no stranger to the tech industry, and she is ready to put her expertise into a new tech publication. However, this is not your average tech publication; Schmidt has promised the publication will have an international focus. Most tech publications don’t focus on the effects of technology outside of Europe and the US. Tech news is all about to changeRead the full story >>  

Shellbot Malware Evolves to Spread and Shuts Down Other Cryptominers 

TechCrunch | Weds May 1, 2019 — There’s a new Shellbot malware in town. If you’re unfamiliar with Shellbot malware, it started as a way to break into servers that are connected via the internet with weak passwords. The malware would then infect the system and mine cryptocurrency. Since then, things have gotten worse. There are new reports of Shellbot malware spreading throughout a network and shutting down other cryptominers on infected computers. Read the full story >> 

Snap’s Big Plan to Turn Snapchat Into a Gaming Platform 

The Verge | Weds May 1, 2019 — Hold for tech news, I’m snapchatting. One of the signs that a social platform is growing is when it starts supporting video games. After years of being in the social network game, Snapchat made it. With the release of their first video game Bitmoji Party, Snapchat set the tone for their take on mobile gaming. This interactive gaming experience can be played with your friends on Snap or as an individual player. The game has a similar feel to old-school Mario Party. Who’s in? Read the full story >> 

Why Credit Card Data Stealing Point-of-Sale Malware Is Still Such a Big Problem 

ZDNet | Weds May 1, 2019 — Sadly, this issue is still tech news. Planet Hollywood and Buca di Beppo are two recent brands that discovered POS malware on their systems. To make matters worse, the malware went undetected for almost a year. The problem is that these devices are so small; they are nearly untraceable. The best thing your organization can do is invest in a quality cybersecurity program and stay current. Many of these attacks are successful because businesses are operating on old hardware/software. Read the full story >> 

Golden Unveils a Wikipedia Alternative Focused on Emerging Tech and Startups 

TechCrunch | Weds May 1, 2019 — This tech news is actually more tech news. That’s right; Golden is coming out with a new alternative to Wikipedia. The focus of this publication is to talk about emerging technology and startups. They are hoping this new ‘knowledge base’ helps fill in the gaps of Wikipedia’s current content. Read the full story >> 

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