News | May 24, 2019

EMPIST Tech News Roundup: Friday, May 24, 2019

Top tech news of the week: Binance is beta testing margin trading, Elon Musk has officially launched his project Starlink, and the war on geopolitical tech is still raging. Read all this tech news and more in this week’s tech roundup.   

Crypto Exchange Binance Prepares to Add Margin Trading ‘Soon’ 

TechCrunch | Fri May 24, 2019 — Unfamiliar with Binance? The company ranks as the most prominent form of crypto exchange in the world. Recently, the company sent out a tweet announcing margin trading feature with a screenshot of the platform. Margin trading has been under beta testing for select users as of now. The purpose of margin trading to enhance the buying power of the trader by leveraging their account balance. Read the full story >>  

Self-Driving Unicorn Aurora, Backed by Amazon, Is Buying a Laser Lidar Maker 

Forbes | Thurs May 23, 2019 — This tech news is driving in a new direction. Aurora, the self-driving car startup was developed by three marquee researchers. After Amazon’s investment in the company, Aurora was ready to improve the robotics of their cars. Their new robotics investment in advanced laser lidar sensors is said to make the vehicle navigate easily in different lighting and weather conditions. Read the full story >>  

Elon Musk’s SpaceX Launches First ‘Starlink’ Satellites 

sky news | Fri May 24, 2019 — This tech news is far out! The long-awaited Starlink satellites had their first launch into space. Elon Musk’s project Starlink launched a Falcon 9 rocket into space carrying five dozen Starlink satellites into the low-Earth orbit. Read the full story >>  

Streem Buys Selerio in Effort to Boost Its AR Teleconferencing Tech 

TechCrunch | Fri May 24, 2019 — Streem is an AR startup in the UK that combines teleconferencing software with computer vision tech. Streem’s recent purchase of Selerio is to grow their vision for an advanced Skype-like platform for the home service industry. Read the full story >> 

 The Week in Tech: Geopolitics Are Shaping Your Next Smartphone 

NY Times | Fri May 24, 2019 — This tech news is getting political. Geopolitics could influence your smartphone purchases. Major tech companies, including Google, Qualcomm, and Broadcom stopped supplying China with some of their products. In addition to this, Google is no longer selling Huawei products. Do you think this is going to start a tech war? Read the full story >>  


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