EMPIST Tech News Roundup: Friday, May 10, 2019

Top tech news of the week: Dive into the latest in tech with updates on Facebook, Google, the N.S.A. hacking scandal, Microsoft’s Build Conference and more. Keep reading for your weekly dose of tech news! 

Facebook Talked Privacy, Google Actually Built It 

TechCrunch | Weds May 8, 2019 — While Facebook preaches that “the future is private” Google is ready to make the present private. Zuckerberg’s vague privacy proposal has people wondering what will get resolved. Meanwhile, Google’s privacy plans are developed and ready to launch. What do you think this says for Facebook’s future? Read the full story >>  

How Chinese Spies Got the N.S.A.’s Hacking Tools, and Used Them for Attacks 

The NY Times | Mon May 6, 2019 — This tech news showcases hacking to the extreme. It was discovered that Chinese intelligence agents got ahold of the National Security Agency tools. They then used them to attack American allies in the year 2016. This evidence was uncovered when the United States cybersecurity arsenal was recently found uncontrolled in several key areas. Yikes! Read the full story >>  

Everything You Need to Know That Went Down at Microsoft’s Build Conference 2019 

GQ | Tues May 7, 2019 — This tech news is coming to you from one of the most important tech events of the year! Microsoft’s Build Developer conference was always considered top-tier but gained even more traction this year. Maybe it’s due to Microsoft becoming the world’s third trillion-dollar company last week? (Still in shock.) The highlights of the event were around products such as Hololens 2, Office Suite upgrades, Minecraft’s AR Mobile game and more. Read the full story >>  

Dyson Introduces Lightcycle, Pure Cool Me and Dyson V11 for Smart Living 

The Star | Weds May 8, 2019 — Let’s shed some light on the latest tech news. Dyson is embracing the world of consumer tech with a whole new line of product releases. The latest release is known as the Dyson Lifecycle. This product is a smart lamp that uses satellite technology to adapt to your room’s lighting based on the weather. The LED light has several settings and can even track daylight for optimal usage in the room it’s placed in. Read the full story >>  

AMD Just Scored A Huge Ryzen Pro Win: Lenovo ThinkPads 

Forbes | Weds May 8, 2019 — It was time for Ryzen Pro to up their game on the laptop side of technology. Recently, AMD gained a major market advantage with its launch of the 2nd-generation Ryzen Pro processor. It was then announced that this processor will later be a collaboration with Lenovo ThinkPads. Game set and matched! Read the full story >> 

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