EMPIST Tech News Roundup: Friday, March 22, 2019

News | March 22, 2019

Top tech news of the week: Find out the latest on the Hydro ransomware attack, Nvidia’s new AI, last week’s Facebook outages and much more. It’s all in this week’s tech roundup. Keep reading for more tech news!  

Aluminum Manufacturing Giant Norsk Hydro Shut Down by Ransomware 

TechCrunch | Tues Mar 19, 2019 — Norsk Hydro is one of the largest global aluminum manufacturers. Recently, the company confirmed they were hit with a ransomware attack. This attack impacted nearly every business department within their organization. Since the attack, the company was forced to return to operating manually. Hydro is still sorting out the chaos caused by the ransomware attack. This situation reiterates the value of proper cybersecurity measures and training in every business setting. Read the full story >> 

5G Will Impact These 10 Industries the Most 

TechRepublic | Wed Mar 20, 2019 — This tech news is coming in 5G! The major shift to 5G network accessibility is estimated to take full effect by the year 2020. Predictions have been made as to what industries will benefit the most from this technological advancement. The top 5 industries predicted include manufacturing, energy, agriculture, retail, and financial. Read the full story >> 

Last Week’s Facebook Outage Proves Why Email Marketing Is Still So Valuable 

Entrepreneur | Mon Mar 18, 2019 — The tech news is in, and the systems were down. A large percentage of today’s digital marketing happens on social media. There are several successful e-commerce companies that communicate with their customers solely through social media. But what happens when social media crashes? This question was answered last week when both Facebook and Instagram were down for 24 hours or more in some locations. Companies that did not have access to email marketing tools had no way to communicate with their customers or advertise sales. Read the full story >> 

Nvidia AI Turns Sketches into Photorealistic Landscapes in Seconds 

TechCrunch | Mon Mar 18, 2019 — Do you remember Microsoft Paint? Imagine taking your Microsoft Paint creations and turning them into works of art. That’s what it’s like using the new Nvidia AI software. With just a few clicks, you can take your basic paint image and transform it into a photorealistic painting. The Nvidia AI mimics the style of a human painter. What will they think of next? Read the full story >> 

Rural School Districts Lag Behind in Cybersecurity Measures 

Education Week | Tues Mar 19, 2019 — Schools are taking a new approach to cybersecurity today. Hackers are stepping up their game, and schools store a lot of private information for their students and staff. There have been two major things school systems are focusing on in cybersecurity. Schools are implementing password management tools and advanced wireless internet security. These security measures are seen to be heightened with grades k-12 in larger school districts. Read the full story >> 

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