EMPIST Tech News Roundup: Friday, March 1, 2019

Top tech news of the week: We’ve got the latest tech news on Siri updates, Microsoft, Amazon, tech startups and more. It’s all in this week’s tech roundup! Keep reading to get the inside scoop on all the recent tech happenings.  

Siri Gets New Airline, Food Order and Dictionary Shortcuts, With More on the Way 

TechCrunch | Thurs Feb 28, 2019 — Siri’s got a brand-new bag! Apple recently announced that they are improving Siri’s shortcuts & features. There are 5 major shortcuts that Apple added to Siri’s functionality. Things like checking food order statuses and your flight information will all be possible through the new Siri upgrades. Additionally, there are third-party apps adding their own fun features to Siri. Read the full story >>  

Why Open Source May Trump Inner Source for Internal Collaboration 

TechRepublic | Thurs Feb 28, 2019 — Microsoft is ready to put away the old enterprise model and move into an “inner sourced” model. Larger corporations are realizing it’s hard to collaborate unless you open the floor. Just because your engineers share the same firewall, doesn’t mean they are opening code repositories with one another. Since Microsoft is considered one of the world’s largest open source contributors, they are leading this new trend. Read the full story >>  

How Technology Is Changing the Real Estate Market 

Forbes | Tues Feb 26, 2019 — Are you ready for some tech news? The real estate market just might be the next industry to be changing with technology. Companies like Zillow and Redfin have changed the way people buy and rent homes online. Companies using outdated real estate methods will have to adapt in the next 5-10 years, or it just might be game over for them. Read the full story >>  

Zūm, a Ridesharing Service for Kids, Raises $40 Million 

TechCrunch | Thurs Feb 28, 2019 — This ridesharing startup for kids is more than Uber. The company Zūm is a mobile app that enables parents to schedule rides for their kids with fully vetted drivers. Zūm also plans to partner with school districts to ensure total safety for child passengers. Read the full story >>  

Amazon Backs Out of Lease at Heart of Tax Fight with Seattle 

The Star | Thurs Feb 28, 2019 —Amazon’s tech news is all over the place this week! Even after the tax battle with Seattle, Amazon is still planning on moving out of their office location in Rainier Square. The company stated that they already have plans in place to build a 2 million square foot office space in South Lake Union. With many employees in Seattle, Amazon has been blamed for the rise in the cost of living. Read the full story >>  

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