EMPIST Tech News Roundup: Friday, January 18, 2019

News | January 18, 2019

Top tech news of the week: Tech workers at Google, website security bugs, GoDaddy JavaScript errors and more; catch the latest tech news in this week’s roundup. Keep reading!  

Tech Workers Unite to Fight Forced Arbitration  

WIRED | Mon Jan 14, 2019 — Put down your hard hats and pick up your blue light glasses; the “new labor” organization may be tech workers. A group called “Googlers for Ending Forced Arbitration” is ready to act against mandatory arbitration agreements. These agreements are said to be used to suppress employees, after the recent Google Walkout in November of 2018. Read the full story >>  

Some of the Biggest Web Hosting Sites Were Vulnerable to Simple Account Takeover Hacks 

TechCrunch / Mon Jan 14, 2019 — Get the scoop on this tech news! Recently, a security researcher reported dozens of bugs that made it easy to steal sensitive information or take over any customer account online. These findings were discovered on some of the largest web hosting companies’ websites. All 5 sites in the study had at least one vulnerability, making them an easy target for hackers. Read the full story >> 

GoDaddy Injecting Site-Breaking JavaScript into Customer Websites – Here’s a Fix 

TechRepublic | Mon Jan 14, 2019 — GoDaddy is injecting a JavaScript file in web pages they host. The issue is this has been causing some sites to break or run slowly. The JavaScript is known as (RUM) “Real User Metrics,” and it’s used to help track the performance of your website. Though users worry about personal information being compromised with JavaScript, GoDaddy claims they are collecting data and nothing more. Read the full story >>  

A Slack Direct Listing Could Tempt Other Tech Unicorns — But It’s Unlikely to Challenge the Traditional IPO 

Forbes | Mon Jan 14, 2019 — Are you ready for this tech news? Will the work-messaging company Slack join Spotify in rejecting the offer to go public with a direct listing this year? If Slack goes away from the traditional route of listing, they could start a trend for other tech founders planning a market debut in 2019. Airbnb is another company that has currently refused the traditional direct listing this year. Sources say that this may catch on due to the power these tech unicorns have today. Read the full story >> 

US Indexes Hit One-Month Highs As Netflix Leads Tech Rally 

New York Times | Tues Jan 15, 2019 — It’s China vs. the U.S. This week the U.S. stocks hit their highest level in over a month. Netflix was the tech leader in the equation. On Tuesday, China’s government moved to invest more into their economy by slashing their taxes and increasing spending. What’s your stock predictions for next week? Read the full story >> 


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