EMPIST Tech News Roundup: Friday, February 8, 2019

News | February 8, 2019

Top tech news of the week: Tune in to hear the latest tech news on Snapchat, Sonos, Slack, cybersecurity trends and more. It’s all featured in this week’s tech roundup!  

Snap Has Stopped Losing Users 

The Verge | Tues Feb 05, 2019 — Snapchat may be the new tech Cinderella story. After a long streak of losing users, the company seems to have stabilized. Snap had just set a record for their quarterly revenue totaling $390M. One of the successful features of the app is the Snap exclusive stories and shows. Read the full story >> 

Sonos CFO Michael Giannetto Will Retire Later This Year 

TechCrunch | Wed Feb 06, 2019 —There’s some big tech news at Sonos! When news surfaced about Sonos’s CFO, Mike Giannetto retiring, the company’s stocks dipped 17%. Sonos CEO has ensured everyone that Giannetto will be a part of the hiring search for his replacement. The official replacement is said to not be taking place until later this year. Read the full story >> 

How Open Source Mattermost Is Sneaking Up on Slack’s Messaging Empire 

TechRepublic | Wed Feb 06, 2019 — This open source messaging platform may be out to steal Slack’s thunder. Unlike Slack, Mattermost delivers enterprise messaging flexibility using open source. This company started small but has already obtained clients such as Amazon, Uber, and the US Department of Defense. Look out, Slack! Read the full story >> 

Many Popular iPhone Apps Secretly Record Your Screen Without Asking 

TechCrunch | Wed Feb 06, 2019 —This tech news may surprise you! Did you know that major companies like Air Canada, Hollister, and Expedia are recording every swipe and tap you make on their iPhone apps? If you thought they needed your permission to do this, think again. Other companies use Glassbox, a customer service analytics form that does exactly what was mentioned above. Do you view this as an invasion of privacy or a better way to understand the customer? Read the full story >> 

Cybersecurity Starts with Access Control 

Forbes Thurs Feb 07, 2019 — Are you the weakest link? When it comes to cybersecurity that answer is likely a yes. The trend of employee cybersecurity training is becoming increasingly popular in the workplace. The easiest way for hackers to gain access to a company’s info is by scamming an employee. That is why things like phishing training have become a must-have. Read the full story >> 

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