EMPIST Tech News Roundup: Friday, April 19, 2019

News | April 19, 2019

Top tech news of the week: Another week has gone by which means it’s time for some more tech news. Discover what’s new with Qualcomm & Apple, the Samsung Galaxy Fold, the Dark Web, and digital scanning’s impact on the Notre Dame Cathedral. All this and more are in this week’s tech roundup! 

Apple and Qualcomm Are Ending Their Legal Battles 

TechCrunch | Weds April 17, 2019 — It’s been years in the making between Qualcomm and Apple’s legal disputes. In 2017, Apple told Qualcomm that they were charging too much for their patent licensing. When Qualcomm refused to lower its pricing, Apple switched over to using Intel chips. Doing this, provoked Qualcomm to start a movement banning iPhone imports in various countries based on patent infringement. After all this beef, the two companies decided on a six-year licensing agreement. Read the full story >> 

My Samsung Galaxy Fold Screen Broke After Just a Day 

The Verge | Weds April 17, 2019 — Maybe the world isn’t quite ready for the foldable phone? The Samsung Galaxy Fold was a major moment for tech innovators. The idea was revolutionary – creating a touchscreen device that could fold in half. After consumers got ahold of the phone, it didn’t seem to be as durable as advertised. Some people are reporting dents and cracks in their screens from folding it in half. Read the full story >> 

How Criminals Use Fraud Guides from the Dark Web to Scam Organizations and Individuals 

TechRepublic | Weds April 17, 2019 — We have some dark tech news. It was recently discovered that hackers are using fraud guides on the Dark Web to trick companies and individuals. The reports claim that there are nearly 30,000 different fraud guides on the Dark Web. Email addresses were included in several of the fraud guides that were examined thus far. Yikes! Read the full story >> 

Unpacking Pinterest’s IPO Expectations 

TechCrunch | Weds April 17, 2019 — From tech unicorn to “undercorn?” There is a back-n-forth struggle between Silicon Valley’s value of Pinterest and Wall Street’s opinion on the company’s profitability. Several people were shocked at Pinterest’s going rate per stock share, expecting it to be higher than it was. Even though the company continues to increase its revenue every year, their $1 billion IPO is held next to a $10 billion IPO tech standard. Read the full story >> 

Digital Scans and Data Could Help Restore Notre Dame After Fire 

Forbes | Tues April 16, 2019 — This week one the most historic buildings in Paris caught fire. During the fire, the roof on the Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris was severely damaged. As luck would have it, Dr. Andrew Tallon created a 3D model of Notre Dame before he passed away. With the use of digital scans and Tallon’s 3D model, they can begin the reconstruction process of Notre Dame. Looks like this bad news turned into some good tech news! Read the full story >> 

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