6 Technology Solutions to Put on Your Wishlist This Year

It’s the season of giving! But friends and family aren’t the only ones due for a present this year. 

At the end of a long – and hopefully very successful – 2022, your business could likely use a gift or two itself. And no, we’re not talking about a new pair of shoes.  

They may not count as stocking stuffers, but nothing says ‘happy holidays’ to your employees, clients, and bottom line quite like technology solutions. A sound investment both financially AND organizationally, new tech is a great way to kick off the season – and the new year. 

Consider this your gift guide. Here are 6 technology solutions to give to your business this holiday season. 

New Hardware 

Upgrading your hardware is key to the overall success of your technology ecosystem. Out-of-date machines, connections, and other peripherals can slow down productivity and put your business at risk of both downtime and cybercrime.

As far as technology solutions go, purchasing new hardware can be quite the undertaking, so working with a team that understands your capabilities, limitations, and compliance needs is a must.

New Software

Ready for a change in 2023? New software could be just the jumpstart your business needs to grow in the new year.

Technology solutions like cloud computing, ticket management systems, and advanced security solutions work to reduce waste, improve safety, and increase efficiencies. Weaving new software into your current processes now rather than mid-year ensures that your entire business starts on the right foot.

Cloud Storage 

If you haven’t taken the leap into cloud storage yet, this is your sign; Now is the time to get started.

Cloud storage solutions come in all shapes and sizes, making the cloud a highly customizable alternative to traditional on-premise storage. The SaaS (Software as a Service) model adopted by the most-popular cloud options makes for easy setup and improved security as well. Plus, cloud storage solutions are billed as an operating expense rather than a capital one, giving you the scalability you need to grow.

Proactive Security Solutions

The best gift you can give your business is peace-of-mind. While antivirus and other reactive cybersecurity technology solutions are great, alone they are no longer enough to protect your business from threats.

Depending on the specific needs of your team, there are a number of more proactive cybersecurity services you can choose from the better protect your sensitive information. You can read more about them on our website, here.

New Collaboration Tools 

If 2022 – and, frankly, 2021 and 2020 before it – has taught us anything, it’s that flexibility is everything.

If your team can’t communicate effectively from anywhere then you are already working at a deficit. Whether it’s Zoom or Microsoft Teams, setting your team up with the right collaboration tools will guarantee that you are ready for whatever complications the year ahead may bring.

IT That Works For You

Of course, not all technology solutions are created equal.

Finding the right tech for your needs takes time, expertise, and years of training. With our IT Managed Services, EMPIST takes on the monumental task of making a plan that really works for you. From issue resolution to onboarding, we handle it all, leaving you to worry about the big stuff.

From the Holidays to Every Day, There’s EMPIST 

Let our team of experts handle your technology solutions for you.

You can read more about EMPIST services right here. To go ahead and get started, contact EMPIST online today!  


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