5 Tips for Using Zoom to Work from Home

Business | April 13, 2020

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It goes without saying that working from home has become the new norm for many of us. Even if you are not working from home, you are likely still using technology to stay in contact with your friends and loved ones.  

As a Zoom partner, we wanted to give users some helpful tips for using Zoom to get the most out of your video conference. If using Zoom is something completely new to you, we recommend checking out this blog as a beginner’s guide. Let’s get started!  

 5 Tips for Using Zoom to Work from Home 


Automatically schedule meetings through Zoom  

Who needs an assistant when you can schedule all your meetings automatically through Zoom? All you have to do is connect your preferred scheduling app to Zoom and your calendar, and everything can be easily automated from there. For example, the automation platform Zapier can sync new Zoom meetings with its pre-built Zap features.  

Create a recurring meeting with a URL  

Do you have a lot of recurring meetings on the books? If you are looking for tips for using Zoom to knock out some of those monotonous weekly tasks, this tip is a timesaver. All you have to do to create recurring meetings on Zoom is to decide what you want under your recurring meeting settings. Then, recurring calls will use the same URL to join the meeting each time, so you don’t have to send anyone a new link. 

Record your video calls  

Zoom’s recording feature makes it easy to host a web conference. The only thing you have to decide is where you want the recording stored: locally or on the cloud. If you choose locally, you are storing the video file yourself. However, if you have a paid Zoom account, you will have access to cloud storage on the platform for your call recordings. 

Who came to the meeting?  

Are you in a management position? If you are looking for tips for using Zoom in a leadership role, this tip is a must. It can be overwhelming to see if everyone is on the call during a large company meeting, and let’s face it – take up a lot of time. Zoom can send you an attendance report after your video call of everyone that was online during your meeting. 

Collect information from your meeting attendees 

There are plenty of great tips for using Zoom when you are hosting a large meeting or webinar. For webinars, you can set up a registration form when you invite people to join the call, and their information can be included in the report sent to you at the end of the video call.  

Getting the Most Out of Zoom  

There are so many helpful tips for using Zoom to enhance the quality of your remote video conference. Communication is so important to build a healthy team environment. Hopefully, these tips can help you take your Zoom video conferencing to the next level. 

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