10 Green Technology Solutions for Your Business

In honor of Earth Day, we’re highlighting some of the best ways to go green in the workplace. Technology has made going green simple to attain and beneficial to the functionality of businesses. Use this blog as a checklist, as we note our 10 favorite green technology solutions. 

10 Green Technology Solutions for Your Business 

Renewable Energy Sources  

Using renewable energy sources to power work facilities is a green and cost-effective solution for your business. Apple is well-known for operating as a leading renewable energy workplace. Various forms of renewable energy are solar, wind, geothermal, hydroelectricity, and ocean thermal energy. 


This green technology should be a no-brainer. Email is a universal tool that has transformed the way people do business. Working with email minimizes the use of paper that employees go through on a regular basis. 

Cloud Storage  

Are you still using file cabinets? It’s time for an upgrade! Cloud storage is a green alternative to document storage. An alternative that saves you time, money, and space. You really can’t go wrong. When you use cloud storage, you can easily sync up your devices to the cloud to back-up and save things automatically. Another great feature of cloud storage is you can access it from anywhere.   

Refurbished Tech  

Reduce, reuse, recycle. Tech companies everywhere are finding ways to keep their product production eco-friendly. That’s why several companies will do trade-in deals or sell refurbished tech products. HP is known for its efforts in curating refurbished technology. Investing in refurbished tech or tech made from recycled materials is a simple way to support green initiatives at your place of work. 

Digital Paper 

Sometimes it’s easier to physically write things out for an effective brainstorming session at work. However, writing & doodling the old fashioned does waste paper products. The good news is there are several devices that allow users to manually create content. With so many tablets to choose from, you can find something that works best for your desired use and price range. 

Solar Power Lighting  

Solar power lighting is a form of renewable energy, but there are so many exciting solar lighting options that it deserved its own category. Beyond the use of solar panels to power the lighting in your building, there are even portable lighting fixtures that soak up energy from the sun throughout the day. 

Smart Water  

Water is a resource that environmentalists are always trying to conserve. There are smart water devices on the market that can monitor your water use and help prevent wasting it all together. Installing something like this in your office is a simple and powerful way to implement green technology and save money. 

Remote Work  

This is not a form of green technology but working remote wouldn’t be possible without the use of technology. Giving your employees remote working capabilities limits their need to commute to and from the office. When people work from home, they are minimizing their travel time and carbon footprint. Win-win! 

Commuter Benefits  

Setting up an electronic program to give employees commuter benefits for public transportation encourages other forms of travel. Doing this keeps more cars off the roads and decreases the output of pollution per passenger. 

Recycled Building Materials  

With the help of technology, we’re able to recycle used materials and turn them into building supplies. There have been some incredible buildings designed over the years with the use of recycled elements. What a great merge of technology and green business solutions! 

Go Green for Earth Day!  

Converting your office into a green space can’t be done in one day but taking steps towards environmentally friendly choices will get you there soon enough. What green technology solutions are you inspired to start after reading this blog? 

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