10 Signs Cybersecurity is the Weakest Link in your Business's Supply Chain


Weak links extend to more than just the production and shipment of products. You also need to be mindful of your cybersecurity. If someone can penetrate your system, they could then gain access to the private data of the other links in the chain as well.

What are Initial Signs Cybersecurity is your Business’ Weakest Link?

  • Not PCI Compliant
  • Unknown Vulnerabilities
  • Ignoring IoT
  • Unnecessary Permissions
  • Not a Business Concern
  • And more…
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Cybersecurity is Critical for your Business

No weak links can exist in your supply chain. How can you spot those weak links, though? How can you tell if one of those weak links is present? Here are 10 signs to look out for when considering cybersecurity in your supply chain.


of companies have experienced at least 1 data breach.


was the average cost of a data breach in the year 2021.

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