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Tailored IT Assistance Whenever You Need IT

Even the most experienced internal IT staff member may not know everything. EMPIST’s team of experienced technology consultants is available to provide your team with design and implementation solutions, review suggested improvements as a 2nd pair of eyes as well as stepping in when extra hands are needed for larger projects, or whenever a unique technical specialty is required.

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What’s the Missing Piece to Your IT Puzzle?


Network virtualization is the consolidation of your network resources produced in hardware to software. In simplified terms, the virtualization of your networks can include joining or separating both physical and virtual networks. How your network is configured is dependent on your business’s needs. Here at EMPIST, we work with both VMware and Microsoft Hyper-V virtualization platforms.


Is it time to move your business to the cloud? Our cloud migration services move your data, applications, and other businesses materials to the cloud computing environment that’s right for you. From public cloud design and implementation to the migration of data from one cloud platform to another, we’re here to help solve all your data migration issues.

Network Design
& Implementation

It’s all about the network! When a network is poorly designed, the infrastructure can cause various security and general performance issues. That’s why it’s valuable to have trusted professionals available to assist you when you’re working on such a comprehensive task. Getting your network firing on all cylinders may be the jumpstart your team needs to perform internal IT tasks with ease and efficiency. Designing and implementing a network can include the following procedures: capacity planning, network error trapping, security arrangements, and imputing your storage area network (SAN).


Ring, ring! Every office needs a secure and reliable way to communicate, but configuring voice communications through the internet can be challenging. That’s why we offer VoIP (voice over IP) and IP telephony services. Using VoIP with your IP network allows you to diminish the use of circuit-switched networks and lowers your network infrastructure costs by utilizing your broadband and private networks for telecommunication.


Choose from our large variety of security services to resolve any IT concerns.
We will consult with you to select the best security solutions for your business’s needs. Some common cybersecurity services include vulnerability scans, penetration testing, security compliance, and risk assessment.

& Deployment

Get your programs and devices up-to-date with current IT standards. Our imaging and deployment processes help centralize your company’s data and keep your employees’ systems running smooth and securely with event-driven and automatic deployments. Even if you are rolling out new software or devices, we can facilitate the deployment processes to ensure a seamless transition.

Bucket Hours

Access IT personnel from outside your organization to fill knowledge gaps, augment areas of expertise and provide operational IT support – starting as low as 100 hours.



EMPIST will provide you with hardware on a lease-basis, and at the end of the product lifecycle, you will be entitled to new hardware.


Imaging and Deployment

Setting up a new device can cause costly interruptions for your business. That’s why we do all the groundwork for you, so there is one less thing to worry about.


New Computer Setup Services

We’ll customize your operating system (OS) to match the needs of your organization, store that customized OS, and then copy it to additional machines as needed.


Virtualization (VMware and HyperV)

Migrate existing servers or workloads to a new hardware system with the integration of either VMware or HyperV.


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