EMPIST Named to CRN Security 100 List in 2020

Announcements | April 14, 2020


The Channel Co. CRN Security 100 List 2020 

Chicago, IllinoisEMPIST has proudly been selected to be part of the CRN Security 100 List. This list compiles the best vendors in the oversaturated security market. So, being included in this list means that you truly stood out from the competition.  

To be a part of the Channel Co. CRN Security 100 List, you must be ranked in these five market segments:  

> Network Security Companies

> Endpoint Security Vendors

> The SIEM Risk & Threat Intelligence Space

> Web, Email & Application Security

> Data Protection & Identity Access Management 

How you rank among the 5 markets will give your company, as well as potential customers, insight into your business’s specialties. That way, you can differentiate your niche among the other security vendors in the marketplace. 

As a CRN Security 100 member, EMPIST is here to provide its clients with cutting-edge cybersecurity services. We have decades of experience supplying cybersecurity solutions to industries of all kinds. We’re here to provide you with the peace of mind that comes with a professionally tailored cybersecurity plan and 24/7/365 support. 

Our cybersecurity services include: Comprehensive Vulnerability Scanning, Dark Web Monitoring, Managed Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA), Password Management, Enterprise Security Awareness, Compliance, and Patch Management. To learn more, visit our cybersecurity page.  

EMPIST: At EMPIST, our mission is to guide our clients’ growth. We offer customized IT services, cloud solutions, and full-stack agency support under one roof so our clients can remain efficient, focused, and protected.