Education in the Workplace

Education_in_the_Workplace_ImageWorkplace education programs (WEP) can lead to positive growth in company morale. Companies can employ this in small ways with informative handouts, education breaks as a group, or by providing full or half day classes to employees. Either way, learning new things keeps people inspired and exercises their minds. Employees will feel like you care about them because it supports their personal goals of furthering their careers. Knowing their company is investing in them makes them feel secure in their position.

That being said, workplace education programs can be boring and if the classes aren’t challenging enough to maintain employee interest, it can negate all of the positive effects that can come from these programs.

Here are some ideas to keep your education programs interesting and fun.

Divide Employees Into Groups – Groups create healthy competition and encourages collaboration. They also help employees get to know each other better, which can lead to a more supportive team environment.

Give Incentives – Whether given to groups or individuals, incentives can be a great way to motivate people to pay attention and work hard.

Be Playful – Turning education into a game will help with retention of the materials being taught. Additionally, games also help to develop team-building skills.

Implementing education programs in the workplace not only supports your business by creating a more educated work environment but also promotes personal development. These programs can be an exciting and a fun way to break up the week. If providing classes is not something that your company can do in the foreseeable future, try doing implementing something on a smaller scale, such as giving your employees a topic to study and then holding a quiz. Divide the group into teams and create a game out it.  The team with the most right answers wins donuts and coffee the following day. Workplace education programs can be scaled to fit your company; the most important thing is that, when done right, workplace education programs can have a strong positive effect on you company as a whole.

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