Why a Cybercriminal Is Worse Than a Crazy Ex

Don’t think that cybercrime is a big deal? We are here to prove you wrong. Maybe you thought you had your share of bad relationships, but there is something far worse out there – a cybercriminal. All jokes aside, educating yourself on the dangers of cybercrime is an essential step towards data security for you and your business.  

They Will Make You WannaCry  

WannaCry is a ransomware worm that gained popularity in 2017. Cybercriminals everywhere are using this new technique to encrypt files on hard drives and hold them for ransom. So, how do they do it? A hacker will send a user a hard-coded URL, that when received, begins gathering files off your computer and encrypting them. After this happens, your files will be on lockdown until you transfer money to the hacker. Typically, hackers will request payment via Bitcoin.  

Money, Money, Money!  

It’s time to hit you with the cold hard facts. It’s all about the money and cybercrime has some serious financial consequences.  

  • “58% of malware attack victims are categorized as small businesses.” – Verizon 2018 DBIR  

(And you thought it was bad that time your ex had your credit card…) 

Oops, Did I Leak Your Number 

Data breaches are the new normal. You can’t go a week without hearing about another company in the news that had a data breach issue. Cybercriminals are out for your personal information, and they are getting better at retrieving it. Hackers will typically go after the following private information during a data breach. 

  • Healthcare Information  
  • Card Payment Information  
  • Login Credentials  
  • Educational Background  
  • Email Access 

Phishing? You’re Such a Catch!  

Have you ever received a text message that ruined your day? How about an email that cost your business thousands of dollars? One of those things seems worse, but we will let you make the final call. Email phishing is a very common form of cybercrime. Hackers can target you and your business by filling your inbox with encrypted messages. If you’re not educated on the warning signs of email phishing, you could be their next victim.  

Stalker Status  

We aren’t talking about the way your ex spies on you using a fake Facebook account. Cyberstalking has become increasingly popular with the use of social networking platforms. The act of cyberstalking usually takes place within the platforms listed below.  

  • Email  
  • Chat Rooms  
  • Websites 
  • Blogs  
  • Social Media  

In recent years, social network users reported the use of copycat or counterfeit accounts. This is when a stranger uses your likeness/images to gain followers and potential business opportunities. Our digital age has allowed us to create businesses with our social media accounts. Cyberstalking is a threat to the security of these valuable social profiles. Social accounts with 1M or more followers have value and hackers will try whatever they can to gain access to them.   

The More You Know 

We hope this blog helped you realize the dangers of cybercrime. If you are interested in learning more about cybersecurity for your business, follow the link for more information. Make a clean break from cybercriminals. It’s better this way. (Trust us.)   

The EMPIST Effect   

Software provides a gateway to further business innovation. The more that you and your company do to stay on top of software news and actually embrace more software within your business, the more benefits your business will reap. Whether you explore an online ticketing system for customer support (like EMPIST’s own Deskware) or a cloud technology platform, there’s no doubt that it will show more efficient results at your business. Give your company a competitive advantage with the right scaling software. Evolve with software and grow efficiently.   

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