How to Whitelist an Email with Gmail, Outlook, and Digerati Group Hosted Exchange

Gmail and Outlook are your friends. They’re trying to protect you. But like that one overprotective friend, they will occasionally hold on a little too tight when it comes to protecting your inbox. These services have ways to detect phishing, scams, and spam, and they will send suspect messaging automatically to your spam folder. But from time to time, they will mistake a good email for a bad one, and you end up losing a message that you want.  

Fortunately, there are ways to fix this:  

Whitelisting methods using Gmail 

Method 1:  

Add the sender’s email address to your Gmail Contacts.  

Method 2:  

Tell Gmail which emails are not spam. Simply click the spam folder. Search for the emails with the domain you want to whitelist. Select them. Click More. Then click Not spam

Method 3:  

Make a filter for the address. Click the cog in the top right corner, and choose Settings. Then click Filters and Create a new filter. You can filter using the domain or the actual email address. Then click Create filter with this search. You will see a box that says When a message arrives that matches this search, you select Never send it to spam. Then click Create filter. Remember not to enter addresses in both From and To. You must use one or the other, because Gmail will filter only emails meeting both of those criteria.  


Whitelisting methods using Outlook 

Method 1:  

Add the sender’s email address to your Outlook Contacts.  

Method 2:  

Use your Safe senders function. Click the cog in the top right corner, and choose More mail settings. Select Safe and blocked senders, then Safe senders. Add the domain. Then click Safe and blocked senders and select Safe mailing lists. Add the email address.  


Whitelisting Using Digerati Group Hosted Exchange Services 

Our Hosted Exchange customers will be notified of quarantined emails by Digerati Group either at 8AM or 3:30PM, depending on when the emails were received. You will see the sender, the subject line and then you will have the option to Deliver, Whitelist, Delete, or View. Simply click Whitelist to permanently allow emails from this domain.  

If you want to manage your Digerati Spam & Virus Firewall web interface, click View your entire Quarantine Inbox or manage your preferences. Use your email as the username and enter your password, and simply click Login

Click here for an instructional video.  


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