The New EMPIST Website Is Here! 

Announcements | October 7, 2019

Out with the old and in with the new. The new EMPIST website is live! We’ve been working for months to update our content and create a fresh new look that is aesthetically pleasing, engaging, and easy to navigate for our clients. Let’s walk through some of the site’s features together! 

The Design  

The first thing people notice about a new website is its overall design/layout. Our goal with the design of the new site was to keep things clean, organized, eye-catching, and helpful. The EMPIST colors are strategically placed throughout the website to add contrast and stay consistent with the site’s theme. Our in-house development team did an amazing job designing the site around all the new elements that were added in.  

New Additions  

The new website includes a highlighted blog section on the homepage, additional service callouts on the site, a newsletter sign-up, industry pages, new IT & digital solutions pages, a free resource page, and much more! 

The Content  

The content plan for the new website was meant to better represent the EMPIST brand and mission statement. Also, it was important for us to ensure the content gave a clear, concise depiction of all our services; formatted in a way that flowed naturally for the site users. Because of this, the content was broken up via service & industry to offer tailored options based on your interests. 

Menu Navigation 

The user experience was a major focus for us when we began mapping out the plans for the new site. We work with a variety of clients from different industries. So, it was important for us to encompass all the coordinating content while keeping things simplified and easy to navigate. That’s why the new website breaks down our services into IT solutions, digital solutions, and services based on major industries. All these main categories are then broken down further into subcategories to narrow down your search queries. 

The Free Resources Page  

Our free resources page got a makeover! When we redesigned the site, we decided that we wanted our new free resources page to host all the helpful datasheets, infographics, and documents we’ve created as helpful tools for all our clients and potential site visitors. 

The Referral Program  

The EMPIST Referral Program is a new program that gives our clients rewards for referring business to us. All the details of the referral program now live on the site under the support tab. EMPIST has received client referrals in the past, and we’re thrilled that this program is in place to give back to the people that make this all possible. 

Explore Our New Website 

Now that we have gone over some of the major highlights of the new EMPIST website, feel free to visit the site yourself and experience the new features. We would love to hear what you think! For more IT news, blogs and industry insights throughout the week, follow us on Facebook, TwitterLinkedInand Instagram.