The 3 Features your E-Commerce Website Definitely Needs

E-commerce websites are the new shopping malls. Even though people still visit brick-and-mortar stores, the appeal of online shopping is undeniable. Because of this, and also because of the world’s shift into digital commerce, having an online presence has become essential to most businesses. It’s important, however, to not just have an e-commerce website (not to mention a social media presence), but to have a top-notch e-commerce website.

EMPIST takes the time to make each e-commerce website we work to be the best it can be. There are three things that every website needs to have to see results.

A Cohesive and Clean Design

If you’ve ever gone to an e-commerce website and immediately been blinded by an overflow of pop-ups, tabs, and paragraphs of copy, take the following advice to heart. It may be tempting to add a million tabs, and images across your different pages, but this can be overwhelming to visitors old and new. A customer is looking for easy access to comprehensive product pages, easy access to your organization’s contact information, and an overall smooth experience. Too much crowding on a page or a multitude of colors and images can be hard to process. That kind of initial impact could negatively affect your website traffic and sales.

If creating a good design flow and an easy-to-navigate website isn’t among your talents, consult a web developer and designer. A web developer often is either also a web designer or works closely with a separate web designer. They can answer all of your questions as well as make suggestions for what will convert best. Being aesthetically pleasing and efficiently functional both go into a well-developed e-commerce website.

Reliable and Fast Speed Across the Site

Nothing is more frustrating to people than a web page that takes a few decades to load properly. Whether a visitor is clicking through to a product page, zooming in on an image, or going through checkout, they will expect it to be fast. This is particularly true of a mobile commerce experience as well. Customers expect that the mobile commerce is experience is comparable to a desktop experience. In fact, most users will abandon a page after 6-10 seconds if it is not loading quickly and properly. To avoid missing out on conversions, make sure you are on a reliable network and web hosting site.

A Seamless Checkout Experience

So you’ve got a clean, cohesive website, and a reliable network that makes sure pages load quickly. Still, there is a chance that a customer is not willing to fully commit to clicking through to a final purchase. A significant inhibitor of this often comes down to the checkout experience. If your website does not allow for a guest checkout and instead requires creating a login to purchase, this is a huge turn-off to prospective customers. Other hindrances to a successful click-through-rate are unexpectedly high shipping costs, not accepting multiple payment types, and going through too many pages of the process to complete the purchase. Don’t make the journey for a customer to enjoy your product a chore. Keep it as simple as possible from start to finish.

The EMPIST Effect

In business efficiency is critical to success, whether it is for marketing, web development or IT. Not only does EMPIST have time and cost-saving IT and cloud services, but our digital agency also helps businesses create beautiful websites that draw people in and keep bringing them back. We want you to succeed as much as we know you also do, and a great e-commerce website can put you on the right path.

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