Test and Protect Your Company’s Cybersecurity

In our first blog for National Cybersecurity Awareness Month, we went over the basics of cybersecurity. It’s time to take things to the next level and test your network’s safety. This blog will dive into the different cybersecurity software for your business. Choosing the right cybersecurity tools is not easy, but we’ve outlined some great products to help get you started.   

Think of cybersecurity programs as an insurance policy for your business. There is a chance you won’t get hacked, but you are always better safe than sorry. Billions of dollars are poured into cybersecurity in the United States because security breaches can cause sizeable issues for a company.   

Solve the Problems Before They Start  

EMPIST offers several IT security services that protect and educate your business from cyber-attacks. Let’s go over a few of the cybersecurity services we recommend for businesses of all sizes.  

Phishing Tests  

If you are not familiar with the term “phishing,” it’s the act of tricking users to click on an encrypted link or email. Once you’ve clicked on the link, the hacker will spam your account with malware or other dangerous viruses. So, how do you prevent this? 

Phishing tests provide your users/employees with security awareness training. Consider your users as the last line of defense in the event of a cyber-attack. Email phishing is an easy and effective way to hack a business. It may seem harmless, but phishing can have major financial consequences. Don’t let an inbox message wreak havoc on your security system. We will help your business learn all the warning signs and stay updated on the latest phishing techniques. Did we mention we even offer free phishing tests? Well, it’s true!  

Vulnerability Scans  

Does your system have any weak links? It should be an industry standard to have annual vulnerability scans done on your network. However, this procedure is often pushed by the wayside. Business owners don’t realize how risky it is to ignore cybersecurity check-ups on their systems. Our vulnerability scans can test across various operating systems, devices and applications. Every scan will help identify software flaws, malware, missing patches, and misconfigurations. This will help your company stay on top of premature and existing issues.   

Trusted Access: Duo Security Systems 

What’s the password? Duo Security has developed a program known as Trusted Access. This Duo Security platform has the comprehensive intelligence to scan the identity of the user and their devices. The program will not allow any users to join your network or connect to certain applications until the scan is complete. Here at EMPIST, we see the importance of using Trusted Access to keep our networks safe.  


Thanks for celebrating National Cybersecurity Awareness Month with us! For more information on IT service solutions, contact us at 312.360.1900 or visit our website at www.empist.com 


The EMPIST Effect 

Software provides a gateway to further business innovation. The more that you and your company do to stay on top of software news and actually embrace more software within your business, the more benefits your business will reap. Whether you explore an online ticketing system for customer support (like EMPIST’s own Deskware) or a cloud technology platform, there’s no doubt that it will show more efficient results at your business. Give your company a competitive advantage with the right scaling software. Evolve with software and grow efficiently. 

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