Stephen J. Poland

Stephen J. Poland

Strategic Account Manager

I am a technology enthusiast who loves to keep up to date with the latest news and trends in the industry. Professionally, I like nothing more than speaking with prospective clients so that I can understand their business and how they interact with technology. I like to focus on proactive steps that can be taken to eliminate inefficiencies and create an environment that is focused on Security Awareness. This gives us a good starting point for devising a plan to maximize your current infrastructure, augmenting your existing services and creating a roadmap for your organizations’ technological future.

Phishing attacks, crypto viruses, compromised credentials…With the proliferation of bad actors and malicious attacks, I like to place an emphasis on Security Awareness and how we can prevent intrusions. We help our clients prepare for the worst, so you don’t have to hope for the best. With best in class Anti-virus, Round the clock network monitoring, Phishing Baseline testing, On-going Security training, Domain monitoring and Vulnerability scanning, we can ensure that your environment and more importantly your data is secure.

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