Why We Like Shopify Plus More Than Magento

Shopify Plus is a fully hosted, Cloud-based, proprietary e-commerce platform, and the preferred choice for merchants who do not have a heavy technical background. Magento certainly has its strong points, but Shopify Plus is all around faster, easier to use, and provides a level of security that Magento simply doesn’t. When you consider the additional cost of IT management, training, and the developers you have to hire to properly integrate your POS and other software (apps), Magento ends up being less cost effective and slows down operations. Yes, we know Magento is powerful, but it also requires a significant amount of time and attention to ensure performance and scalability…and takes away the time your business needs to focus on what you do best…making money.  

Software as a Service (SaaS) is changing the way people use technology, and Shopify Plus is a fantastic manifestation of this evolution. While many companies have their own frustrations with the time-consuming complexity of Magento, they still find themselves hesitant to make the switch to Shopify Plus. It’s a big change, so we get it, but it’s worth the effort. 

Better Security 

One of the most important things to consider is that Shopify Plus offers a level of security that Magento simply doesn’t compete with…we’re a full-service technology company, after all, so we recognize the importance of safeguarding sensitive company data. We know that the functionality and beauty of an e-commerce website doesn’t protect it from hackers. Shopify Plus provides the security for you with Level 1 PCI DDS compliance (bank-level IT security), while Magento leaves the protection of your company data in your hands, not theirs.  

Shopify Plus integrates with all IT platforms, handles various compliance assessments and risk management, and has extremely fast servers that provide clients with 99.99% uptime. You don’t have to worry about security patches, and the time and resources they require to deploy. As e-commerce changes, and online shopping behavior continues to become more complex, you can focus your time on paying attention to your core capabilities.  

Easier and Faster Customization 

Shopify Plus is also a plug and play platform when it comes to apps, which makes adding little edits and changes and special features that make sense to your business, easier to onboard, integrate, and manage. And it all happens within just a a few minutes, with full functionality. Magento, on the other hand, requires more capital and resources, because you need developers to integrate the new software for you. You can add new features as they relate to your business, and as they become available. There is no need to be concerned with allotting time and resources for major deployments. However, there are some scripting capabilities which also allow developers to create their own customizations, and private applications, in the developers preferred language…something that we particularly love to utilize for our clients.  

More User friendly and Streamlined 

From a marketing team perspective, Shopify Plus is much more user friendly, streamlined, and built intuitively, as opposed to Magento, which requires more of a technology-based background. Simply put, it’s easier. The important features needed, for example, to track social media campaigns, analytics, discount code generators, etc., are easy to locate and use directly from the admin panel. There are plenty of easy-to-add extensions and apps for targeted email campaigns, including A/B testing, and so much more. Flash sales are a common practice, as e-commerce marketers have found that giving a customer a sense of urgency, sells better. Shopify Plus can accommodate sales like these, handling thousands of simultaneous checkouts seamlessly, and without concern.  

Shopify Plus is better for SEO Optimization.  While Magento and Shopify both offer features that support this, if you migrate to Shopify Plus, you’re able to use the Traffic Control App that helps redirect traffic from your previous platform without losing your SEO rankings. Typically there is always an expected loss when change platforms, but not in this case.  

Flat Monthly Payment 

We also love that Shopify Plus offers a monthly payment, rather than a negotiated quote-based pricing structure. No surprises, when it comes to your budget, is a good thing. Shopify Plus is also great for small companies and freelancers, with the ability to scale to enterprise-level services.  

There are hundreds of other more detailed reason we love Shopify Plus, and this just scratches the surface. Click here for more details on how migrating to Shopify Plus can benefit your business. 


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