IT Services

Reliable, customized IT Services designed to grow 
your business and give you peace of mind.

Taking a reactive approach to IT can be dangerous and costly. Our proactive methodology ensures our clients’ systems remain operational and secure so they can minimize downtime and maximize productivity.


Its time to have a strategic gameplan for cybersecurity. Our consultative services encompass an array of critical areas, spanning from ensuring business continuity to fostering growth, conducting analytics, and efficient management.


Dark Web Monitoring

Using a combination of human and artificial intelligence, our platform combs botnets, criminal chatrooms, forums, and other black-market sites 24/7/365.


Endpoint Detection & Response (EDR)

EMPIST EDR protects points of entry into your network by monitoring for many modern threats that anti-virus software is unable to detect.


Enterprise Security Awareness Training

EMPIST uses the best industry-leading platform to enroll your employees in an up-to-date and cyclical security training program.


The EMPIST Security Bundle

EMPIST’s Security Bundle rebuffs even the most advanced digital threats by layering our best protective services together.



Improving your IT Security, Accountability and Governance all in a single solution. Offload your security concerns to a team of experts.



We’ll run a comprehensive scan to identify any security gaps in order to put together a full remediation plan to address existing and future vulnerabilities.


Ready to take the next step toward simplifying your IT solutions?