Service Desk

What is a Service Desk?

Think of the EMPIST Service Desk as a one-stop-shop for your IT needs. Acting as the fundamental point of care between your users and our IT professionals, a service desk facilitates all reported incidents, scheduled service requests, and other essential communications regarding your technology through one easily-accessible interface.

The service desk is the portal through which you interact with – and maintain the health of – your IT systems.

The Benefits & Features of a Service Desk

  • Seamless Integration
  • Singular Point of Access
  • User-Friendly Onboarding
  • 24/7/365 Service
  • Expert Knowledge Base
  • Detail-Oriented Ticketing
  • Metric-Based Improvements
  • Scalable to Your Growth


At EMPIST, we know that any quality IT infrastructure relies first and foremost on quality care. Our customer-focused service desk ensures that your entire technology ecosystem is well organized, well run, and certainly well cared for – even when issues do arise. Constantly looking to improve, EMPIST’s Service Desk is tailored to the demands of your business, whatever that business may be.

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